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Title: Play dough economics pdf
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Mind Control is fantastic in that it allows you to take over the bodies of enemies and control them completely (only one at a time). You can have them unlock doors, shoot other enemies or force them play dough economics pdf commit suicide in any number of ways, even make them blow their brains off with their own weapons. Pyrokinesis allows you to shoot fire from your fingertips, which dougy especially useful in later levels when olay come across play dough economics pdf that are not affected by telekinesis or mind control, Aura View lets you see hidden objects and passageways that you can't see normally, useful in solving various puzzles along the way, and the last of them, Mind Drain, turns you into a psychic vampire, meaning you can draw PSI energy from the brains of others until their heads explode play dough economics pdf ecobomics you manage to sneak up on them that is.

All powers are great on their own, but pf game really gets fun when you start combining them, and it gets to a point where you just want to experiment with enemies, to see how much abuse they can take.

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